People will always remember how you made them feel.

– Maya Angelou

We create artwork that showcases athletes, particularly women, as talented, competent, confident, strong, authentic, and real. We appreciate our role as trend-setters for how collegiate athletics is branded and marketed. Maintaining a select group of loyal clients allows us to concentrate our best efforts on their needs.

It’s important we represent ourselves and our clients with character and integrity. We also want to have a kick ass time doing our best innovative work with great people.

Our Crackin’ Team

Mollie McClure

Co-Owner, Photographer, Director, Sunset Chaser, Risk Taker, Woodworker, Podcast Fiend, Get-Away Driver

Bill McClure

Co-Owner, Photographer, Lighting Guru, Dad, Margarita Master, Rail Fan, Lawyer in Remission, Resident History Buff