Curved Roads

Road trips are my favorite form of travel and experiencing life. Sometimes planned, sometimes spontaneous, a few essentials and you can be off down a country road before you know it. A good playlist and four-wheel drive can get you anywhere.

Freeman Football 2021 Season!

Season Review / December 2021 / Freeman HS Football My nephew, Owen Fallen #12, completed his senior year as starting QB for Freeman High School. And boy, did they have a killer season. My dad and I documented every game and put this together for them.  

Artist @ Work: Ashleigh Sumner

 Video / June 2013 / Ashleigh Sumner Insanely talented artist, actor, friend, and general badass, Ashleigh Sumner and I set out to collaborate on her work while passing through LA. Her process is personal and solo, so we came up with a creative way to both film her artistry while also giving her privacy. Slowing down…

Old Mountain Rd

Artwork / 2015-Present / Old Mountain Rd My other passion is woodworking. Living in Asheville, North Carolina has introduced me to centuries old craftsmanship and abundant natural resources. Combining woodworking with my road trip photography, I started Old Mountain Rd, a venture into our roots as creators with our hands.

Bay Area Women’s Sports Initiative

Documentary / September 2015 / BAWSI BAWSI is a Bay Area non-profit founded by Julie Foudy and Brandi Chastain that provides powerful interventions for the most vulnerable children in our communities in the form of ACCESS©. Their programs focus help increase resiliency in children living with adversity. They empower girls through mentorship and sports.

The Time Is Now: WBCA

PSA Video / September 2014 / WBCA Inclusion is for Everyone. Make a Difference. The WBCA teams up with Br{ache the Silence and ourselves at McClure Images to release a call to action for coaches in the women’s basketball community to stand together, make an impact, and support LGBTQ inclusion in sports.  

Moral March: NAACP

Documentary / February 2016 / Moral March / Raleigh, NC As an advocate for social justice, I enjoy volunteering my skills to causes I believe support our communities. Democracy NC is a non-profit organization focused on voting rights; Moral March, led by Reverend William Barber, is an annual march giving voice to this important mission. Because I believe…