Curved Roads

Road trips are my favorite form of travel and experiencing life. Sometimes planned, sometimes spontaneous, a few essentials and you can be off down a country road before you know it. A good playlist and four-wheel drive can get you anywhere.

Freeman Football 2021 Season!

Season Review / December 2021 / Freeman HS Football My nephew, Owen Fallen #12, completed his senior year as starting QB for Freeman High School. And boy, did they have a killer season. My dad and I documented every game and put this together for them.  

Artist @ Work: Ashleigh Sumner

 Video / June 2013 / Ashleigh Sumner Insanely talented artist, actor, friend, and general badass, Ashleigh Sumner and I set out to collaborate on her work while passing through LA. Her process is personal and solo, so we came up with a creative way to both film her artistry while also giving her privacy. Slowing down…

Old Mountain Rd

Artwork / 2015-Present / Old Mountain Rd My other passion is woodworking. Living in Asheville, North Carolina introduced me to centuries old craftsmanship and abundant natural resources. Combining woodworking with my road trip photography, I started Old Mountain Rd, a venture into our roots as creators with our hands.

Bay Area Women’s Sports Initiative

Documentary / September 2015 / BAWSI BAWSI is a Bay Area non-profit founded by Julie Foudy and Brandi Chastain that provides powerful interventions for the most vulnerable children in our communities in the form of ACCESS©. Their programs focus help increase resiliency in children living with adversity. They empower girls through mentorship and sports.

The Time Is Now: WBCA

PSA Video / September 2014 / WBCA Inclusion is for Everyone. Make a Difference. The WBCA teams up with Br{ache the Silence and ourselves at McClure Images to release a call to action for coaches in the women’s basketball community to stand together, make an impact, and support LGBTQ inclusion in sports.  

Moral March: NAACP

Documentary / February 2016 / Moral March / Raleigh, NC As an advocate for social justice, I enjoy volunteering my skills to causes I believe support our communities. Democracy NC is a non-profit organization focused on voting rights; Moral March, led by Reverend William Barber, is an annual march giving voice to this important mission. Because I believe…