Stay Gold: Southern Cal

Portraits / September 2017 / Southern Cal / Los Angeles, CA The more straight-forward the concept, the more the presence of the athlete must carry the image. Southern Cal rose to the challenge and brought their presence and individuality to this three-part shoot (close-ups, waist-ups, and motion). The gold tone was applied to complement their…

Community Ties: Georgia Tech

Portraits / October 2017 / Georgia Tech / Atlanta, GA Wish we could take credit for the concept, but kudos to head coach MaChelle Joseph for presenting us with the idea and location, the Krog Tunnel in midtown Atlanta. Murals and graffiti line the walls and tunnels all over the city and three-mile beltline connecting…

Game Ready: Colorado

Portraits / September 2017 / Colorado / Boulder, CO Gorgeous locker room: check. Dramatic spotlights: check. Dark uniforms: check. But it’s when the athletes take ownership of the shoot that the concept truly takes off!

In the Light: Wake Forest

Portraits / October 2017 / Wake Forest / Winston-Salem, NC Waking up the morning of the shoot with an idea to employ within hours, we quickly mobilized to acquire the set pieces needed to execute this concept. Backlighting the athletes, putting them in artistic motion, and playing off the schools colors of black and gold,…

Golden: Cal

Portraits / September 2016 / Cal / Berkeley, CA The goal here was to go big and embrace the stage! A sewer leak lead to a location crisis while good juju and a crackin’ operations director lead to the best stage for our Golden concept of blending fashion, lights, and confidence.

Bear Style: Cal

Portraits / September 2013 / Cal / Berkeley, CA It’s easy to love these guys. I learned that they care as much about their style and appearance as the women do. Which means they invested themselves into this shoot and we made an afternoon of it!

Aztec Grit: San Diego St

Portraits / September 2014 / San Diego St /San Diego, CA There’s a good reason why they are called them “work” outs. It’s hard. San Diego State wanted to highlight their work ethic through this shoot, so we caught them everywhere.

Hardcourt Glamour: Wake Forest

Portraits / October 2015 / Wake Forest / Winston-Salem, NC So… this is actually my brand new (and cherished) chair. I saved up for several months to finally purchase this thing. Why in the world would I volunteer it up for a photoshoot with stilettos anywhere near it?! Possibly because I was hoping that Wake Forest, the most glamorous group of…