Golden: Cal

Portraits / September 2016 / Cal / Berkeley, CA The goal here was to go big and embrace the stage! A sewer leak lead to a location crisis while good juju and a crackin’ operations director lead to the best stage for our Golden concept of blending fashion, lights, and confidence.

Bear Style: Cal

Portraits / September 2013 / Cal / Berkeley, CA It’s easy to love these guys. I learned that they care as much about their style and appearance as the women do. Which means they invested themselves into this shoot and we made an afternoon of it!

Aztec Grit: San Diego St

Portraits / September 2014 / San Diego St /San Diego, CA There’s a good reason why they are called them “work” outs. It’s hard. San Diego State wanted to highlight their work ethic through this shoot, so we caught them everywhere.

Hardcourt Glamour: Wake Forest

Portraits / October 2015 / Wake Forest / Winston-Salem, NC So… this is actually my brand new (and cherished) chair. I saved up for several months to finally purchase this thing. Why in the world would I volunteer it up for a photoshoot with stilettos anywhere near it?! Possibly because I was hoping that Wake Forest, the most glamorous group of…

Skylights: Cal

Portraits / September 2015 / Cal / Berkeley, CA Sometimes the stars align. We had just 10 minutes to shoot each group AND they didn’t know coming in what they would be doing. The goal was to capture group action shots where the players were not only doing something gorgeously athletic, but also precariously connected to each other… literally. Neither the players nor…

Simplicity: San Diego St

Portraits / September 2014 / San Diego St / San Diego, CA Sometimes the coaching staff brings ideas they are hoping to apply to their team. In this case, head coach Stacie Terry presented an image she had found. We quickly adapted our lighting set-up to achieve the desired look and then enlisted each player to compose…

Aztec Style: San Diego St

Portraits / September 2013 / San Diego State / San Diego, CA Usually the first year working with a team, there are nerves being in front of a photographer on a large set. Not San Diego State. They walked in ready to go. Their comfort translated into capturing much of their personality. It was so much fun…

In the Eyes: Stanford

Portraits / March 2012 / Stanford / Palo Alto, CA On the eve of the first round of the 2011 NCAA Tournament the Stanford team cycled through the shoot immediately after practice. With under a minute for each person, we asked…“what does the mental side of fighting for a national title look like?” This is how they showed up.…

Mist: Santa Clara

Portraits / September 2015 / Santa Clara / Santa Clara, CA We love collaboration. When clients offer creative ideas for their program, we do our best to translate that vision while infusing little nuggets to help match our skills and the skills of the players. This shoot provided this opportunity to mix it up with the coaching staff!

Authenticity: Cal

Portraits / September 2015 / Cal / Berkeley, CA Be you. We always begin our shoots with a dialogue about the broad spectrum of femininity and the value in authenticity. We meet people we they are. It’s important to us that we create an intimate environment where everyone feels comfortable being exactly who they are. And we encourage…