Freeman Football 2021 Season!

Season Review / December 2021 / Freeman HS Football My nephew, Owen Fallen #12, completes his senior year as starting QB for Freeman High School. And boy, did they have a killer season. My dad and I covered every game and put this together for them.  

Hunger: Cal

 Promotional Video / August 2017 / California / Berkeley, CA We’re making sure we’re prepared for that battle, so when it actually comes time to fight, we wanna make sure we have something to fight back with. -Cal junior, Ma’Ane Mosley

Bring It Back: Cal

Promotional Video / September 2016 / Cal / Berkeley, CA The season before this young team underperformed. With everyone returning and a sense of vindication in the air, we developed a concept that shows them taking on the challenge. And doing it privately, out in the open.  

Outtakes!: Cal

Promotional Video / August 2014 / Cal / Berkeley, CA   C’mon now, you know the really fun stuff happens off camera. Good thing the cameras are still rolling!  

Love the Game: Cal

Promotional Video / September 2014 / Cal / Berkeley, CA Down the street from the University of California campus resides Grove Park, a public park that I used to drive by on my way home to Oakland. And a friend/Cal fan once suggested that I make a video including kids. She said kids are the ones who…

Ready?: Cal

Promotional Video / September 2012 / Cal / Berkeley, CA You must dream it before you can do it. The Cal women’s basketball team, who had never reached the Final Four in their history, started talking about that goal the summer of 2012, before their epic season. They told themselves: we are ready. We take you inside…

“I Need Possible”: Cal

Promotional Videos / 2014-15 / Cal / Berkeley, CA ” I don’t need easy. I need possible.” – Jorge Gutierrez, Cal grad, class of 2012 This quote is quintessentially apropos to sports. The adversity and challenges athletes face, the hard work and time invested into improving their craft, the public nature of their successes and failures. To…

One Heartbeat: Cal

Promotional Video / September 2014 / Cal / Berkeley, CA What does teamwork and effort sound like? A exploration in the audible…  

“Let’s Geaux!”: LSU

Promotional Video / September 2014 / LSU / Baton Rouge, LA When you think of LSU women’s basketball, you think of toughness, teamwork, and work ethic.  As underdogs having just reached the Sweet 16, we wanted to represent the reasons why they got there. How many times do players say ‘let’s go!’ in a game, during workouts or practice? How many different…