McClure Images is hands down the best athletic photography and graphic design team in the business. They capture a story that the average eye doesn’t see. This involves emotion, passion and edginess. We have worked with Mollie for over 10 years and she will absolutely set your program apart.

Joanne Boyle, University of Virginia Head Women's Basketball Coach

McClure Images has a unique ability to listen to their clients’ vision, and bring the passion, emotion, and effort of college athletics to life. Their understanding of sport coupled with their creative minds made the process fun for our team and yielded a final product that is nothing short of stunning.

Lindsay Gottlieb, University of California Head Women's Basketball Coach

We are very excited about the images that McClure Images has done for our office and team locker room at Stanford. Mollie is very creative in her work and has great vision. They have captured the tradition and success of our program and are a wonderful addition.

Tara VanDerveer, Stanford University Head Women's Basketball Coach

You have a special way of bringing out the best of a team and creating a product that everyone is proud of! Thank you for your dedication to our program!

Tamara Inoue, New Mexico State Assistant Coach

What resonated with me the most while exploring your art (I think it is too incredible to call a website) was its honesty. The authenticity of the pieces are dripping with rawness and emotion. You allowed the players to be themselves, which is perhaps the hardest thing to do.

Jessica Dolan, University of California Academic Advisor


Mollie McClure


Photographer. Designer. Director. Visual Artist. Bad Ass Lion Tamer.

Bill McClure


Photographer. Lighting Guru. World Traveler. Light Chaser. Mentor & Dad.

Angela Niles


Manager. Logistics Officer. Sound Engineer. Problem Solver. Cool Headed Cat.




We were collegiate student-athletes, a D-I college coach, and romantic sports fans. Since 2002 we have been collaborating with collegiate programs handling all manner of visual arts to enhance their programs. Our creativity extends to making music and woodworking, to our lifestyle, positive thinking and solution finding.


Our portfolio is the best representation of our experience, but for kicks we have a collective:
+ 60 years of photography experience
+ 11 years of graphic design
+ 3 years of web building and video production


Our home-run scenario for each project is:
+ to attract the target audience with striking imagery
+ to inspire and elevate the client’s brand
+ to represent our clients with integrity
+ to have a kick ass time working with people


Our art is intended to inspire. The longer we are in this work, the more strongly we feel about the stories we tell having meaning, depth, and truth. Sometimes that’s raw and edgy, other times it’s beautiful and delicate. Life is fascinating and our addition to it we want to mean something… to us, to the people around us.



We Brand

Diversity is awesome. Our intention is to feature what makes each person, entity, leaf, or sunset unique.

We Capture

We are fond of human creatures and like to capture their crafty expressions.

We Feel

We admit it…we have feelings. And we like to evoke yours with our work. Life is short.

We Build

Relationships make the experience, we keep ours close. Our clients are also partners and friends.

We Design

The graphic kind, sometimes the web kind, and on occasion the interior kind.

We Film

At the request of our long term client’s needs, we have added motion to our tool belts. We call them “moving pictures”.


It all starts with conversation. Together we evaluate your program and prioritize your needs. This information gathering is crucial to the success of our collaboration. It’s important to hone in on what your strengths are and what makes your program unique. From there, we’ll figure out how to showcase and celebrate them.

We believe that a strong brand begins with strong photography, so we tend to recommend to new clients that we start by building up original photography: portraits, game day, facilities and campus.

Absolutely. We believe a website has the broadest reach, but understand not every program can pull it off financially. So we are versatile with customizing packages that work for your budget and needs. And if we continue to build on it year after year, you can accumulate artwork over time and still achieve a cohesive brand.

Why of course! Our passion thrives off of creative ideas. We love collaborating with staffs to come up with a theme and a look that uniquely captures the identity of the people and the program.

Well, we’re glad you asked. For service specific projects, we utilize hourly-rates and day-rates. For example: video and portrait photography is a day-rate, graphic design is hourly. For large projects like an all-inclusive website, we agree to a fixed project rate, so you know exactly what the budget is. *** – All travel costs (flights, lodging, transportation) are covered by the client.

Easily. We are quite experienced in working with the various departmental layers and encourage our clients to utilize them. Any work we produce comes with unlimited usage rights for any and all internal outputs. And we encourage our clients to get as much mileage out of the artwork as possible. The more the artwork is used, the more cohesive the brand will be. All we stipulate is that we retain the copyright to the artwork.

Yes and yes. All photography sessions and filming sessions we execute on your home base. Whatever equipment we don’t bring can be supplemented by local rental agencies. But no worries, we handle all of the equipment needs.

You will need to handle some logistics on your end. Reserving all locations for the shoots, making sure there is electrical access to the facilities, etc. As each project carries unique needs, the operations will be customized as we move forward.

Most photography shoots require a total of 6 hours:
2.5 hour Lighting Set-up (crew only)
2 hour Photography Session (team’s time commitment)
1.5 hour Lighting Break down. (crew only)

Multiple photography sessions can either be grouped together to fit in one day, or we can separate them over multiple days. It depends on what we are doing.

The most successful shoots are when everyone (staff and players) is engaged and prepared. We want our shoots to be special occasions with music, props and ideas flowing. Everyone should feel good about themselves throughout the shoot and the setting has a huge role in that.

Yes. Our approach to game/event photography is unique. We are more like embedded photojournalists covering the entire behind-the-scenes experience. For home games it includes shoot-around, training room, locker room, pregame talk, post-game interviews, etc. For travel games it includes bus rides, hotel and meals, team outings, film sessions. The focus is on telling the personal stories, emotion, and relationships behind the scenes and well as in the spotlight.

For example: we covered Cal women’s basketball’s postseason run to the Final Four in 2013, from Berkeley to Lubbock to Spokane to New Orleans. And they used those images for press releases, Twiiter and Facebook, and media coverage, as well as internally for office artwork, fundraising efforts, yearbooks, and notecards.

We do a general editing that includes weeding out misfires and then polishing up the keepers. This means we crop, color correct, noise reduce, sharpen and other light touches. It does not include photoshop.

We use Dropbox as our delivery method. If you have an alternative you prefer, we can work with you. But Dropbox is probably better.

Depending on the project, you will either have more images than you have needs, or you will have exactly the amount of images you have needs. Quantity is never an issue with us. That’s why our rates are what they are. We don’t want to haggle over how many images you get or don’t get. Keep them all!

If you insist. We can either independently handle the design or collaborate with your marketing department to get those needs met.

We are not trained in environmental (interior) design, but have executed pieces at the request of clients. We have connections with vendors around the country who produce excellent work for us. So we may be able to help you. There are companies who are dedicated to environmental design who are really good and we’re happy to refer you to them as well.

Yes. Our portfolio features some artwork (see Stanford and Virginia) using existing imagery that the clients sent us.


You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

Maya Angelou

If you are a dreamer, come in.

Shel Silverstein

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

Oscar Wilde

Be wicked, be brave, be drunk, be reckless, be dissolute, be despotic, be a suffragette, be anything you like, but for pity’s sake be it to the top of your bent. Live fully, live passionately, live disastrously. Let’s live, you and I, as none have ever lived before.

Violet Trefusis

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…

Dr. Seuss

The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web.


Express yourself.



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